Coastal Trip: Recluver

An afternoon coastal photo shoot with Alan Parkinson. Arriving at Reculver around 6pm the sun was breaking through the clouds over the sea. I call these 'Jacobs Ladders' some call call them 'God Lights'. But unfortunately without a big stopper it's pretty much pointless trying to capture this to get a good result. As the sun started to get low I was hoping for a nice coloured sunset, sadly it did not materialise as i'd have liked, but as the photo shows, it wasn't that bad. This was probably the best shot of the day

Below is a capture of Reculver at Sunset.


Club Photo Trip: Greenwich

Greenwich park is one of London's iconic places that you can go time after time and never get bored of, and the photographic club had arranged an evening / night photo trip to the park, along the river front and up to the Cutty Sark.We started out about 7.30pm grabbing shots over the Queen's House, Greenwich, and a distant Canary Wharf from the 'General Wolfe Statue' view point. We then made our way down though the park to the river front where we watch the sun set over the Thames, photographing along the way.

It was not long it was dark and the moment had arrived that I'd been waiting for... To get that shot I'd visualised weeks earlier on a Greenwich day trip of the Thames Tunnel 'Entry Building' and the Cutty Sark.

Below is those visualisations captured.



Club Photo Trip: Canary Wharf

It was a cold night and it looked like rain, the clouds were overcast and the sky looked dull...Unfortunately this neither here nor there as the club had official permits to photograph for the night so this was a no win situation.

    So what makes a good night photo?

As an experienced night time photographer there are certain characteristics that can make or break a good long exposure night photograph, the main one being, apart from the weather, is the sky... No cloud in the sky means no cloud movement in the long exposure. So now I have to make a what could be a reasonably good shot into an amazing shot! As I'd made a pre-planed reiki the week before, the location shoot began.

Below are a few samples from the night.