Coastal Trip: Recluver

An afternoon coastal photo shoot with Alan Parkinson. Arriving at Reculver around 6pm the sun was breaking through the clouds over the sea. I call these 'Jacobs Ladders' some call call them 'God Lights'. But unfortunately without a big stopper it's pretty much pointless trying to capture this to get a good result. As the sun started to get low I was hoping for a nice coloured sunset, sadly it did not materialise as i'd have liked, but as the photo shows, it wasn't that bad. This was probably the best shot of the day

Below is a capture of Reculver at Sunset.


UK Trip: Day 5

Day 5: Liverpool Day 2. Liverpool: I woke up early after the previous nights shooting around the dock until 1pm, I've never slept good, and I went down for a full breakfast before a days photography began. Starting out straight after breakfast I walked around Liverpool's Albert dock as the sun was rising, it was a race to try and capture something good, but rather disappointing due to the amount of construction work going on in and around the dock. Later that day we took a trip into Liverpool, but unfortunately I was extremely tired so cut this short for an early afternoons hotel kip!

Crosby Beach - Shoot 2: Around 3pm it was decided to return back to Crosby Beach for another sunset shoot over the sea with the beach statues. Again the sky did not let us down and it was another beautiful sunset.

Below is a sunset capture of a Crosby beach statue.


When we were finished shooting at Crosby beach it was time to battle the rush hour traffic and head back to Albert dock. It was decided to possibly grab a few evening / night shots before eating and a night out on the town camera free! As I'd failed to capture anything inspiring of the docks amusement wheel from the hotel side of the dock the evening before, when exited the multi story car park, directly to the left side was the Liverpool Echo and straight in front was the wheel. Instantly I knew this was the shot I needed to get in the bag!

Below is the Liverpool Echo and the Albert Dock wheel.