Day Two of my Photo Challenge

Day Two of my Photo Challenge
"The Blue Hour - Canary Wharf"
Like day one, I echo the statement...
"To get that shot you have to be prepared to get it".
Anyone who knows me photography wise will know my love of the ever changing faces of Canary Wharf....
Getting the first train out at 5.20 I wanted to catch canary Wharf in the "Blue Hour / Golden Hour".
Although actually my original plan was to shoot the 02, but the building work had begun on the new hotel killing the shot..
So I raced to my favourite location in Canary Wharf and set my gear ready and waited for sunrise.
Moving back and forth the water front grabbing shots this is one of many I like due to the bridge leading you into the photo.
Conditions were again perfect, the slight wind was heading towards me giving movement in the clouds, and when the sun rose, golden red reflections appeared on the buildings.
I also set up my iTouch up on a tripod and captured a timelaspse of the sunrise during my time there.