Day Six of my Photo Challenge - The Last Day

Day Six of my Photo Challenge - The Last Day
"The Portwey"
Another one of my tips is "Look behind you when shooting as you may miss something just as good! And NEVER delete anything!"
Again taken on one of many night shoot trips with my photo buddy Steve. So we didn't get in each others way I decided to swing the camera around and run off 3 shots of the Portwey Tug whilst Steve grabbed some shots of Canary Wharf.
The thing is, this was not part of the shoot plan and I never looked at this shot for probably 3 years after I took it, some may have just deleted it. Then one day scouring through some old night shots looking for something fresh to edit, I came across "The Portwey".
Having checked stats on various photo networks I've posted this on, this is by far the most 'liked' shot I've took...
Quite bizarre seeing it was an out-take...