Don't Count Your Chickens

Three months ago I mutually agreed to photograph a well know vocal outfit (who's name I'll not disclose) at the world famous Abbey Road Studios. This was a double deal as I was previously a musician and singer, songwriter before my photography took over. It was also somewhere I'd always wanted to go, let alone photograph!

Firstly I'll point out that this wasn't a paid shoot, it was an opportunity to add a well known company to my photography CV.

Fast forward three months on and everything was set to go, emails we're sent and confirmed, and I'd even booked a days holiday the following day to recover from a days shooting from 9am to 9pm and edit the previous days shots. But then I got that dreaded email telling me that unbeknown to the person I'd been dealing with, they already had already arranged for someone else to do all video and photography, and that no one else could be allowed inside the studio.

So as you can imagine, in an instant the excitement turned to disappointment.
I guess for two reasons, my passion for photographing and my passion for music.

So don't count you chickens...