Sunrise Over Canary Wharf

For those who know me, will know that Canary Wharf captivates me in a way that no other photography location does. There is something magical about it that, given the right composition, there is always something different to shoot this ever expanding metropolis.

Today was to be an early morning shoot with hope of capturing a beautiful sunrise against the backdrop of Canary Wharf. 

Starting out at 5.20 to catch the first train out I arrived at East India DLR whilst it was still dark and I took a diversion to look at the O2 arena across the river. But with the construction on the new InterContinental hotel having started, photographing the O2 will be a no go until aleast summer 2015.

Getting back on track and with sunrise coming within the hour, I needed to get to my primary location and set up asap. 

On this shoot I decided to use the Lee 10 Big Stopper filter, so that when the sun had risen I'd still be able to get that smooth look on the water in front of the buildings.
The location I was shooting from is one I'd been on several occasions before, so I already knew what were the best spots to shoot from. The sky was perfect with enough of a breeze to push the clouds slowly towards me, and the water in front of the buildings was almost smooth.
When shooting 'night', be it in the morning or the late evening, I'm always adjusting my white balance to try to match what is in front of me. With the added Lee filter giving a blue cast, I knew once the morning 'blue hour' started then I'd run into some serious colour cast problems.
I started the shoot moving from spot to spot and it wasn't long before the Sun rose behind me reflecting some of the most beautiful colours in the windows of the buildings in front. And this brings me to something else I did, and this was to capture some time lapse video whilst I was shooting using my iTouch that I'd mounted on a very small 'Spider' tripod with holder.

Today was another successful photoshoot that would not have been captured had I not gone out when I did.
Dedication sometimes leads to perfection...  

Sunrise Colours

Bridge To The City