Stealth Shooting At Canary Wharf

It was New Year's Day and I had to get out and make the most of the early evenings for night photography. Canary wharf is my favourite location to shoot in London at night, I can never get enough shots of this area as there is always another angle or view to take a picture from.Arriving at about 5.30pm it was already dark and tonight's mission was to shoot a few buildings I had not yet photographed. The first location was to photograph the Marriott hotel, this building has a unique curvature to it, but captured from the right spot right you can also get the other iconic buildings that make up Canary Wharf in shot too.

So I made my way from Canary Wharf DLR over to the far corner to where the floating church called St. Peter's barge is and proceeded to set my equipment up. As it was New Year's Day there were not many people about so my shoot was going to be relatively easy and quick, I think I was there for around about 10 minutes!

I next walked around past the moored boats and grabbed a few shots from the waters end, narrowly avoided getting caught by a security guard. But it wasn't long before I was to be rumbled! For I walked into a covered walkway that had view across West India Millwall Docks. This walkway had a zillion cameras in it, but there were pockets that had a great view out across the dock and out of sight of the prying cameras, and this is where I grabbed a few more shots. I had just finished photographing and was about to put my gear back in the bag when a security guard appeared and said to me in a strong Italian accent "You hava da permit please?" Responding like I couldn't understand a word he said, he again announced "Please-a don't take-a da photo, you needa da permit. If you hava no permit, you cani take a da photo". And with this said, he just walked off, and I packed my gear and left for the next location.

Below is one of the night's captures.


Next on the list was to photograph the Pan Peninsular that is located by The South Quay DLR station. The original idea for this shot was to take it from the Peppers street foot bridge at the end of Millwall inner dock capturing the Lotus Floating and the Pan Peninsular in one shot. Unfortunately the view was a little uninspiring so I wandered round to the front where there was a metal girding foot path above the water. So balancing my camera in a very narrow metal walkway with my tripod locked into the gaps in the floor, camera strap wrapped tightly to my wrist, and with only a matter of inches between it and the water, I proceed to photograph with extreme caution... Once slip and my gear was in the drink!

Below is a shot of the Lotus Floating and Pan Peninsular


I packed my gear up and was calling time on another nights successful shoot. Well, that was until I passed some shops that had a walkway with a view to the waters on the opposite side. My night eyes suddenly awoke and within a minute another photoshoot was in progress. I pitched my spot in a far corner of a covered walkway and a few more great photos were in the bag! After a quick 2 hour shoot I was back on the DLR and returning home thinking and looking around on what to shoot next...

Below is a shot of the Pan Peninsular